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Posture and Breathing . . .

Proper movement requires proper posture. Normally, the area from the base of the skull down to the sacrum should form a straight line when seen in profile. This is possibly the only thing remotely similar to "stance" in the System. However, it is often necessary to break form, such as in a roll or other evasive movement.

Breathing is an intuitive concept, but proper breathing within the System is achieved through intensive exercises that link the body and psyche. The work within Systema is initiated from various stages of breathing. The use of breath in generating power and calmness is explored extensively in a variety of challenging situations.

The individual will often find that normal breathing stops in moments of surprise or duress. When breathing becomes erratic, the mind becomes split, and unnecessary tension begins to form. Thus, it is our goal to maintain proper breath control in training.

Relaxation and Constant Movement . . .

With proper breathing and posture, the student must also understand and apply the concept of constant movement. Simply put, a moving body is a moving target. Constant motion can allow the individual to construct better counter-movements through slight manipulations of his/her "floating center of gravity." Also, a body already in motion does not need to overcome the time burden of a dead start.

To work efficiently, the student must be able to utilize only those muscles that are needed in a particular task. Through unique drills and functional exercises, Systema helps individuals achieve complete control and sensitivity of the body and mind in any scenario.

"An incredible and truly humbling experience." ~Travis Y. (Intel Scientist)
"Finally, a fighting system that I can grow old with." ~John H. (Former Cage Fighter)
"No rules. No belts. No nonsense. The System - a fighting art without all the needless baggage." ~Black Belt Magazine
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