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Click HERE to see the official endorsement of Kwan Lee by the Founders of Systema.

From Seminar Hosts:

Kwan is a very capable instructor in Systema and we are very proud to host him as he is a true ambassador of the art... His in-depth work and instruction on the breath coupled with his skills in freedom of movement are a model for us all to follow. I believe Kwan brings, transfers, and conveys, very closely, the essence of what Mikhail and Vladimir are attempting to teach us all in Systema.

M. Zamarin
Chief Instructor, Park City Aikido

Each day Kwan worked us through a progressive level of skill sets with a seamless flow of instruction, amazing demonstrations and a keen eye for detail.

B. Sommerfeld
10th Group, U.S. Army Special Forces Veteran
Chief Combatives Instructor, G4S-ITI

Kwan is truly one of the old school senior instructors in Systema, his level of skill inspiring as is his humble nature. We really enjoyed Kwan's method of teaching which was very understandable and down to earth.

S. McQueen
Security Executive - Brinks

From Students:

Systema is one of the best martial arts I've ever seen. The experience I am having with it is just priceless - it helps me not only to grow as a martial artist, but also to become a better person.

Dmitri K.
Software Architect
Phoenix, AZ

As a military retiree as well as having many years of various martial art experiences, for me Systema is a scientifically developed Art that combines all human abilities, particularly physiological and psychological. What I most like about this Art is the fact that it strengthens the body and mind in an intelligent way, consequently allowing full power of your punches, kicks, and body control.

Ivica K.
Retired French Foreign Legion
and Martial Artist
Phoenix, AZ

With Systema, there is no need to venture off into other styles because it is a complete system of combat. All of my desires and questions of fighting have been more than answered through this one system, and I feel no need to do any others.

Paul M.
University Student
Tempe, AZ

I have realized an aspect of my psyche that isn't apparent sitting behind a desk all day. Systema is a more exciting way to get in shape than sitting on an excersise bike or lifting a dumbell up and down. Knowing you have the tools to defend yourself from a physical confrontation keeps you relaxed and confident even when there is no danger.

Nathan T.
Landscape Architect
Gilbert, AZ

I got involved in Systema for many reasons. There are many arts I have trained in that don't deal with multiple attackers in a realistic way. I also saw the flaw of going to the ground in many situations as well as with weapon attacks. Systema deals with this. The art itself is just what I was looking for. It is challenging both physically and psychologically. The exercises will test your limits and I love the brutal effectiveness. No messing around, just get the job done. It's designed for real life situations and that's what we train for. One of the main effects of Systema on me has been my increased health and the exuberance in my life. It makes you want to challenge yourself physically, mentally and spiritually and this is a great way to live life.

John H.
Certified Personal Trainer
Systema Instructor in Training

Mesa, AZ

Having experience in Martial Arts and Martial Sports, I began to study Systema and have found it to be the most well rounded Martial Arts system I have ever seen. From breathing to relaxation to movement, training with weapons or empty handed, Systema allows you to move and train in a way that fits your body. It is a very individual art, not one that focuses on having everyone move in exactly the same way.

Training with Kwan has opened a new door in my life that allows me to appreciate what is possible in others and also let me realize that my body won�t respond exactly the same way as anyone else. We are all individuals and each of us has different responses to situations, so why try to train our bodies to move exactly like someone else? Systema allows each of us to be individuals and uses the basis of posture, movement, relaxation and breathing to properly integrate our bodies so that we can move in a natural way. Not having to learn techniques but allowing you to discover what is inside of you is truly a liberating experience.

Richard B.
US Armed Forces Veteran
Sierra Vista, AZ

Systema teaches you reach new levels in your training. No matter what anyone has trained in the past, Systema will help you achieve the next level, whether it's fitness, learning to control fear, or spiritual. As Kwan says "Breathe, Breathe, Breathe", and then many great things happen from there.

I personally enjoy the training Systema as a fighting art. I also use it for conditioning training in my Filipino Martial Art training. My endurance is like nothing before, my stamina keeps up, along with the ability to keep mentally focused during long hours of training by learning Systema breathing techniques. Thank you.

Pietro V.
Professional Chef and Instructor
Scottsdale Culinary Institute

Chandler, AZ

"An incredible and truly humbling experience." ~Travis Y. (Intel Scientist)
"Finally, a fighting system that I can grow old with." ~John H. (Former Cage Fighter)
"No rules. No belts. No nonsense. The System - a fighting art without all the needless baggage." ~Black Belt Magazine
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