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Self Defense Readiness
Fitness/Weight Control
Instinctive Response
No Memorization
True Relaxation
Fast Results!

Requirements . . .

Systema is generally best taught to those with at least 15 years of age. Younger students will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Maturity, attentiveness, positivity, and a will to work are a few characteristics necessary to learn Systema. Basic courteousness and communication with training partners are essential in fostering a humane and safe training environment.

However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the student to make the sustained effort to progress in class and ensure his/her immediate safety in any given situation.

There are no uniform requirements. Comfortable (non-restrictive) clothes (or clothes you don't mind sweating in) are recommended.

Emphasis . . .

Work within Systema is best performed while relaxed and aware. It is therefore the general focus of each class to first erase unneccessary tension in the body and mind. The following are the cornerstones of our training methodology (click to view):

--Proper Breathing
--Constant Motion

In a violent or stressful situation, the individual often finds that one (or more) of these principles disappears, resulting in a greater chance for a bad outcome. Therefore, all training exercises and movements incorporate these concepts.

Areas of Study . . .

- Knife Defense
- Mass Attack
- Dynamic Strengthening and Flexibility
- Rolling and Falling in All Conditions
- Striking Using All Parts of the Body
- Confined Space and Evasion Tactics
- Restraining and Joint Locks
- Ground Survival
- Disarming of Weapons
- Balance and Throwing Skills
- Comprehensive Breathing Methods
- Fear Management and Awareness Training

Technique vs. Movement . . .

An important note to this type of training is that techniques are not learned by rote memorization but through an indepth study of an individual's natural body movement and reactions. The key is to understand one's core reactions and bodily abilities and build a framework to achieve "freedom of movement."

It is not our goal to load the student up with a set of common techniques. This would naturally go against this research process.

Over a period of time, each student becomes comfortable navigating their bodies in a variety of situations. The System shows that techniques become a side-effect of proper movement. Since the "real world" presents potentially an infinite number of different threat situations, the ultimate goal is to be flexible, aware, and relaxed enough to work properly within any given context.

"An incredible and truly humbling experience." ~Travis Y. (Intel Scientist)
"Finally, a fighting system that I can grow old with." ~John H. (Former Cage Fighter)
"No rules. No belts. No nonsense. The System - a fighting art without all the needless baggage." ~Black Belt Magazine
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